Monday, 12 February 2018

Le Littoral between Saint-Tropez et Pampelonne plage

Le Littoral between Saint-Tropez and Pampelonne Plage

(Le Littoral entre Saint-Tropez et Pampelonne plage)

La Madrague Brigitte Bardot

La Madrague Brigitte Bardot

Le littoral Saint-Tropez

Le Littoral Saint-Tropez

Le littoral Saint-Tropez. 

Walking on the littoral in Saint-Tropez !

If you like the nature and the beautiful views on the Mediterranean sea, then a sure thing to do is a walk between Saint-Tropez and Les Salins or up to Pamplona Beach.

Nice trip to take lovely photos.

Enjoy it !

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Enjoy this pictures of Saint-Tropez.

Pictures of Saint-Tropez

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